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Getting ready for dance
can't wait!!!!

Date: 12/09/08 - Time: 8:40am

Today isn't a great day for me.
So far at least.
It's only 8:40am.
It just seems like one of those days...
When everything sucks.
Maybe as the day goes on it will get better...
I hope so.

Date: 12/4/08 - Time: Unknown

I wear my heart on my sleave
let it have it's way so easily.


Date: 12/4/08 - Time: Unknown

So I'm sick again...
I lost my voice
It's completely gone.
I hate being sick.
Today I came to school to take my AP test...
So now I'm at school for no reason...
and I'm still sick....
: /

Date: 12/01/08 - Time: Unknown

Seasons greetings!!!!!

Ha Ha right?

Date: 9/20/08 - Time: Unknown

Today was a great day.

Nuff said :D

Date: Unknown-Time: Unknown

I wonder what love feels like...
I understand the concept, but to actually feel it...
I wonder who my first real love will be.
Sometimes I get so frustrated
I have all the love in me
I have no one to give it to.
This isn't like love you feel for your family or friends
Love that feels different,
Something that is so much stronger.
I wish I had some great boy who i could give all this love to.
Someone who I cab talk to about things that don't really make sense.
Someone who doesn't understand me.
But doesn't care that they don't.

I wonder where this boy is...
Come find me.


I'm going to dance class soon.
Ron's going to kick my ass!!!
I get to do muh sexy dance ;)
Yummy :D
I hope we learn more of the sexy dance!
I can not wait till I'm a better dancer!

P.S. I'm still pissed at Mizner park and Ticketmaster...


I'm going to be posting a bunch of old entries I wrote in my real diary.

So look out for them :D

I'll post the real date of creation and sometimes the time,
though most times will be unknown..




I'm going to Dani's party tonight.
Even though I feel like someone hit me with a truck.
I'm still pissed at Ticketmaster,
and now
I'm pissed at Mizner Park too!!!
I might just go to the Orlando show,
I don't know how I'll convince my parents to let me go.